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Published research articles are accepted through double blind review by international peers, mainly from outside the University of Guadalajara. </p> <p>The objective of Mercados y Negocios is to disseminate and encourage the discussion of results and advances in research that deal with markets and business as phenomena of study for competitiveness.</p> <p>Mercados y Negocios does not charge authors any fee for the submission of their manuscripts, nor does it charge fees for the publication of articles (no APC – Article Publishing Charges).</p> <p>Mercados y Negocios appears in the LATINDEX 2.0 catalogue, in the Information Matrix for the Analysis of Journals (MIAR), in the Directory of Open Access Journals, in Dialnet, in three EBSCO databases (Business Source Corporate Plus; Business Source Ultimate and Fuente Académica Plus), Redalyc, CLASE-Biblat, Scielo-Mexico, the Ibero-American Network of Innovation and Scientific Knowledge and The Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources of UNESCO.</p> <p>This journal, in accordance with the policy of the University of Guadalajara, is included in the golden route providing free access to its published contents with internationally recognized standards in terms of interoperability, quality and efficiency in the management of the editorial process.</p> </div> Universidad de Guadalajara en-US Mercados y Negocios 1665-7039 <p>Mercados y Negocios by Department of Mercadotecnia y Negocios Internacionales. University of Guadalajara <span>is licensed under a</span> <a href="" rel="license"><span>License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International</span></a>.<br /><br /></p><p><br class="Apple-interchange-newline" /><span>The author retains the copyright.</span></p> Equilibrium prices of the titles: Sharpe and the Securities Valuation Model (CAPM) <p>The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is a model used to calculate the profitability that an investor must demand when making an investment in a financial asset, depending on the risk he is assuming.</p> Juan Gaytán Cortés Copyright (c) 2023 Juan Gaytán Cortés 2023-05-01 2023-05-01 49 83 94 10.32870/myn.vi49.7705 Editor’s Letter José Sánchez Gutiérrez Copyright (c) 2023 José Sánchez Gutiérrez 2023-05-01 2023-05-01 49 1 2 10.32870/myn.vi49.7706 CBDC-MXN: Challenges and Perspectives in The Implementation as a Mexican Digital Currency <p>This research shows a proposal for developing of a Mexican Central Bank Digital Currency by Banco de México. Therefore, a dynamic SWOT matrix is used to present the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the development of the Mexican Central Bank Digital Currency. In addition, an analysis of the stablecoins of the Mexican peso is made to know their landscape and current use, the above making use of Blockchain explorers such as BscScan, Etherscan, Polygonscan, and Tronscan. MMXN, Moneta Digital, is the stablecoin of the Mexican Peso with the most significant number of users and transactions. According to the results obtained, it is shown that the Mexican CBDC is viable, but it must overcome challenges and issues to be implemented and used by the population.</p> Jessica Nallely Flores Gálvez José Miguel Mata Hernández Copyright (c) 2023 Jessica Nallely Flores Gálvez , José Miguel Mata Hernández 2023-05-01 2023-05-01 49 3 20 10.32870/myn.vi49.7689 True Cost Accounting and Social Entrepreneurship as Key Factors for a New Food System <p>The paper aims to understand the problems of the food system, identify the value of food, and the role of social entrepreneurs in changing the status quo. Based on this objective, this documentary and descriptive work present a first approach to understanding the food system, and the search for solutions to measure the value of food and its key actors. The methodology was a documentary search on the world food crisis, true cost accounting, and social entrepreneurship<a href="" name="_ednref1">[i]</a>.</p> <p> </p> <p><a href="" name="_edn1">[i]</a> This document was carried out with resources from the project "Analysis of market options for a planned development of social enterprises with food security innovation" with registration SIP 20222098.</p> Irma Cecilia Ortega Moreno Emma Frida Galicia Haro Ana Lilia Coria Páez Copyright (c) 2023 Irma Cecilia Ortega Moreno, Emma Frida Galicia Haro, Ana Lilia Coria Páez 2023-05-01 2023-05-01 49 21 42 10.32870/myn.vi49.7692 Femvertising and its impact on psychological reactance and purchase intention of Mexican female consumers <p>This work focuses on the study of the femvertising advertising strategy. It references the feminist theories and the theory of psychological reactance to understand the impact of femvertising on Mexican female consumers' psychological reactance and purchase intention. A mixed methodology was applied, with a content analysis and a reception questionnaire (N=666) to Mexican female consumers. The results show a higher purchase intention and a lower psychological reactance in female consumers to femvertising spots. The main conclusion is that the implementation of the femvertising strategy in advertising spots aimed at Mexican women produces an increase in their purchase intention and a decrease in psychological reactance compared to conventional (non-femvertising) ads because femvertising generates a greater identification of the consumers with the ad by projecting the woman in a more authentic and close way.</p> Silvia Hernández Willoughby Patricia Lázaro Pernias Copyright (c) 2023 Silvia Hernández Willoughby, Patricia Lázaro Pernias 2023-05-01 2023-05-01 49 43 64 10.32870/myn.vi49.7694 Collective Intelligence synergizing into individual and business Resilience <p>The presence of Collective Intelligence engenders the integrity of the person and the group in the business and thus, synergistically strengthens the collective resilience, understood as the individual and the company’s resilience. Synergistically as shown, is the habit of creative interactively cooperation, so that each element or party increases the effect of the other.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Michael Steggemann Copyright (c) 2023 Michael Steggemann 2023-05-01 2023-05-01 49 65 82 10.32870/myn.vi49.7700